Custom by Design

Outsource Your Prep Lab Responsibilities

Save Time and Money: Replace your SOP with a Teknova Catalog Number

Optimize your resources by outsourcing your prepping responsibilities to Teknova to allow you to spend more time doing research. We are structured to handle any custom work, and we can accompany you as your needs evolve, including helping you transition R&D projects to large-scale manufacturing projects.

Short Lead Times

Most catalog products ship within 4 days. Custom products typically ship in 1–3 weeks.

Small Minimums

We have a very low minimum for new custom requests. This minimum does not apply when custom products are reordered.

Competitive Pricing

Pricing of custom requests is based on exact raw material cost and includes a nominal fee for labor.

Products Designed to Your Specific Needs

Teknova offers four types of custom products to meet individual needs

Tier One

Comprises all products found in the catalog. They are manufactured using raw materials that were validated internally as the best mix for cost and quality.

Tier Two

These products are manufactured using customer-validated raw materials. The materials under this category cannot be switched without prior notification.

Tier Three

These products are proprietary formulations outsourced to Teknova. Checks and balances ensure confidentiality, and we are open to strengthening partnerships through an NDA.

cGMP Compliant Products

Registered with the US FDA and with ISO 13485:2016 certified processes, we can produce GMP compliant products that meet stringent manufacturing quality controls.

Explore our customization options

Below are some of the options we can customize to meet your specific needs.

  • Formulations
  • Concentration and aliquots
  • pH titration and conductivity measurement
  • Raw material sources
  • Fill levels—available on both buffers/reagents and prepared plated media
  • Packaging and labeling
  • QC and certificate requirements
Let us know how we can help you in your research by creating the products you need. We encourage you to come to us with any request. Our definition of the word custom is unlike anywhere else: we strive to accommodate all requests, no matter how small or complex.

Custom Product Quote Request

Teknova is committed to providing you with the products you need for your research and production needs. We can customize any media or buffer to your specifications. Use the form below to request a free quote. If you have questions, call us at 1-800-209-4488 or email us at [email protected].

  • Contact Information

  • Formulation

    Paste the formulation of your product in the box below. For liquid products, indicate concentration of each component in mass (g, kg) per liter and desired pH if applicable. For powders indicate weight or % of each component.
  • Requirements

    Use the field below to provide information about batch volumes, quantities, QC needs, and other requirements.