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Support the efficient growth of bacteria

We supply the life sciences industry with high-quality, fully customizable, nutrient-infused microbial culture media. With our low order minimums and ISO 13485:2016 certified facilities, you can work with one trusted partner from RUO to GMP.

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 Whether you are performing basic molecular research or producing vaccines and novel therapeutics for clinical use, we can manufacture sterile, ready-to-use microbial culture media with unmatched consistency, speed, and flexibility.

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17 Categories
  • Media Kits Bacterial Culture Media
  • Synthetic Defined Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Yeast Peptone Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Mueller-Hinton Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Buffered Complex Broths Yeast and Fungal
  • Tryptic Soy Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Brain Heart Infusion Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Nutrient Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Super Broth Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Complete Minimal Media Yeast and Fungal
  • LB Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Terrific Broth Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • M9 Media Bacterial Culture Media
  • Sabouraud Dextrose Media Yeast and Fungal
  • Synthetic Defined Media Yeast and Fungal
  • Amino Acid Solutions Bacterial Culture Media
  • SOB and SOC Media Bacterial Culture Media

Let us be your media kitchen.

What you need.

When you need it.


Are you making your own broths to get the formulations and quantities
you need when you need them? By letting us take on your
day-to-day production, you can reduce risk with our consistent,
high-quality formulations while getting more value out of
your team’s time and skills.

Need it in a 1 L bottle filled to 500 mL? Or a 200 L bag? From formulation to format, quality control testing, documentation, and labeling, we can manufacture exactly what you need.

With our ISO 13485:2016 certified facilities, we can help you meet regulatory requirements from RUO to GMP. Our rigorous quality control and functional performance testing ensure batch-to-batch consistency.

Consult with our scientists, engineers, and quality control experts to get the ideal formulation, stability testing, and shipping options for your custom product.

Getting the microbial culture media you need should never hold up your work—so we deliver our custom solutions in weeks, not months.

our custom solutions

Don't see what you're looking for?

Talk to our team today about creating custom microbial media for your applications. 
We can customize everything from formulation and filter size to additives and supplements, giving you complete control of your microbial culture environment. In some cases, we can also perform custom quality testing using your micro-organism.

Did you know?

We help reduce your risk of contaminants with custom filter sizes as small as 0.04 microns—that’s well beyond the industry standard of 0.22 microns.

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