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We make the custom order process easy and are here to help with any questions along the way. To quickly tailor 1 L buffers for your early-stage research or DOE, use our Build•Tek™ Custom Configurator. For all other customizations, fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you with a custom solution designed to meet your needs.

By filling out this form you can help us understand your product requirements so we can get started on your custom solution.

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Customize your raw materials
Customize your raw materials

Request any raw materials that are essential for your product. You can add as many as you need.

    You can request as many raw materials as you need.

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    Customize your quality control testing
    Customize your quality control testing

    We can develop a customized quality control testing program for your unique product. Let us know what test you would like us to perform and we can include them in your Certificate of Analysis. For each test you select, be sure to include any specific range if needed.

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    Format and shipping
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    Let us know the container format that would be the best fit for your applications and systems.

    Need a 2 L bottle filled to 250 mL?

    We can customize your fill volume so your product will come ready to use.


    We’ll recommend the ideal shipping method and packaging to keep your custom product stable, but feel free to share any requests below. For example, if you would like a plastic pallet that can safely enter your facilities.

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