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Everything we do starts with our water

The performance and consistency of our products start with the quality of our water system, which is why we use the same WFI Quality Water we sell to our customers in our own manufacturing.  

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Our quality control and manufacturing processes are designed to meet rigorous
 outsourcing requirements while ensuring consistent quality from batch to batch.

WFI Quality Water 

Start your experiments with WFI Quality Water at the research phase to eliminate a variable as you scale.


PCR Certified Water

This ultra-pure and sterile filtered water is free of detectable inhibitors, contaminants, or enzymatic activity.

Reagent Grade Water

Reagent Grade Water is tested to not interfere with the specificity, accuracy, and precision of your procedures.



 We’re setting a new standard

for water delivery

With stocked and made-to-order water in flexible formats, 

we can partner with you to provide a reliable supply that can meet your most demanding applications.

Reliable supply

Count on a reliable, long-term supply with our modular, high-capacity manufacturing, and backup water system.

Custom formats

Our engineering team can help customize size and packaging for easy integration into your manufacturing platforms.

Fast delivery





Getting the water you need should never hold up your work. Our WFI Quality Water in stock and ready to ship in 20 L and 200 L bags.


Our RODI water system

We use a continuously circulating RODI Water System that delivers water at a resistance
of 18 megaohms, then purifies it by ion exchange and a charged carbon adsorption column.
It then undergoes reverse osmosis, UV treatment, and sterile filtration with a 0.1 micron filter.


Our water undergoes two stages of quality control: We perform routine testing 
on the water system and batched-based quality control testing post-packaging. We can also
customize testing to help you meet your specific GMP requirements, for example, to target specific
endotoxin levels and tighter specifications or to perform additional sterility testing. 

Continuous monitoring

We continuously monitor our water system for adherence to the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.  


  • Water is monitored at the source for resistivity and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) levels.  
  • Water samples are tested weekly at every point of use for endotoxin, bacteria, and TOC levels.  
  • Sodium, chloride, and silica levels are assessed monthly. 


Extensive quality control testing

Each finished water product undergoes its own quality control testing at bottling, which may include tests for: 


  • RNase 
  • DNase 
  • Protease 
  • Bacterial DNA  
  • USP Sterility  
  • Endotoxins 
Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Talk to our team today to find the ideal solution for your applications. We offer a range of sizes, from 1 L bottles to 200 L bags, and can customize quality control testing and labeling to help you meet regulatory requirements, from research through commercialization.


Did you know?

We have WFI Quality Water in stock and ready to ship in 20 L and 200 L single-use bags.

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