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Solutions for every stage of your workflow

With fully customizable culture media, buffers, and supplements for every step in your workflow, we can get you the exact formulations you need to culture, extract and purify, and analyze your target samples.

Our culture solutions


Optimize your yields with our upstream solutions. Our custom-formulated broths and nutrients are designed to efficiently grow and maintain your microbial cultures, and our quality control testing ensures batch-to-batch consistency.



Take control of your microbial culture environment with our fully customizable broths, agar plates, and supplements. We offer a wide variety of formats ranging from 100 mm plates to 25 mL bottles and 200 L bags. All culture media undergoes pre-use sterilization methods, including autoclaving, pasteurization, and filtration.

We can support your established cell line or primary cell culture needs with high-quality custom formulations and formats ranging from 25 mL bottles to 200 L bags. Our raw materials and finished products are rigorously tested, helping you get the outcomes you expect and reducing the risk of process variability down the road. Animal-free options are available.

Our modular manufacturing platform can help you scale up and commercialize new transfection reagents. With our fast delivery and flexible formats, we can supply the small quantities you need for your research and the state-of-the-art GMP-compliant production you need for commercialization.

Our extraction and purification solutions


Balance efficient separation with functional recovery with our custom buffers and detergents. We can tailor everything from raw material selection and formulation to quality control testing and labeling for your applications and systems.



Get the buffers, detergents, and enzymes you need to purify your samples without contamination or degradation, whether you are working with microbial culture, tissues, or biopsy samples. Our custom formulations can be used for specific cell types and applications, getting you sterile, ready-to-use solutions that can protect your target sample’s integrity and activity.

Centrifugation is one of the most useful techniques in the molecular biology laboratory, and high-quality buffers can help you get reliable results that will keep your work moving forward. Whether you are purifying and isolating DNA, viral particles, or separating cells, we have the precisely formulated buffers you need.

Whether you are working with affinity-, ion exchange-, or size exclusion-based methods, starting with precisely formulated, high-quality buffers in the right concentrations is key to getting efficient and replicable results. For your analytical chromatography needs, we also supply HPLC-grade solvents and custom mobile phases tailored for your applications.

Improve your UF/DF results with our high-quality, fully customizable buffers, delivered in formats that are compatible with your TFF systems. We can help you find the dynamic range you need to concentrate and desalt sample solutions, fractionate large from small biomolecules, harvest cell suspensions, or clarify fermentation broths and lysates.

Our analytics solutions


Eliminate variability in your analysis from RUO to GMP. Our extensive quality control testing, raw material sourcing and management, and monitoring of retained samples help you get the clarity and integrity you need for successful analytics.



Get the biological buffers, additives, dyes, agarose, and PCR Certified Water you need for DNA and RNA isolation, quantification, and target amplification. We select high-quality raw materials that won’t interfere with your sensitive assays and can create solutions that are compatible with your systems.

We supply buffers, including wash, lysis, and resuspension buffers, for your sequencing needs, from Sanger to next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Lower your limit of detection with high-quality custom buffers that are consistent from batch to batch. Whether you are developing a novel ELISA assay, conducting a standard western blot, or carrying out an SDS PAGE gel analysis, we can manufacture custom formulations for your target antigens, helping you achieve high sensitivity and low background with blocking buffers.

We supply molecular biology grade gel castings, buffers, loading dyes, and water essential to your electrophoresis workflow, with fully customizable formulations designed to efficiently separate DNA, RNA, and proteins.

Our environmental monitoring solutions

Monitor the sterility of any environment with our extensive selection of RUO-grade agar plates and microbial culture media that can be used to identify potential contaminants. We offer a variety of formats, and with our rigorous quality control and growth performance testing, you can count on getting results you can trust.

We supply the essential RUO-grade culture media and agar plates needed for the two primary methods of sterility testing: membrane filtration and direct inoculation. Formulations including peptones, soybean casein digest, glucose, and sodium chloride, can support the growth of a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and yeast. We also offer wash solutions to clean surfaces and dilute samples without compromising the viability of potential contaminants.

We offer a wide variety of RUO-grade culture media and agar plates to analyze environmental factors and substances, including air and water quality, and soil conditions. Our nutrient-rich culture media supports the study and testing of microorganisms within diverse environmental contexts. We also offer selective media to facilitate the isolation of specific microbial groups.

We supply the RUO-grade agar plates and culture media you need for the detection and quantification of potential pathogens and microorganisms that can lead to food spoilage. They can be used to monitor environmental conditions in food processing facilities to ensure hygiene standards, or for the development and assessment of new preservatives, the evaluation of fermentation processes.


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We can make it. Quickly tailor small volumes of buffers for your early-stage research and DOE with our Build•Tek™ Custom Configurator, or consult with our experts to find the best solution for your specific application. Whether you need 2 mL or 2000 L, you can count on our quality, efficiency, and expertise from RUO to GMP.

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We can manufacture your custom formulations and configure our platform to fill your proprietary bottles.

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