Comparison of Aperto to Various Popular Lysis Buffers

In the example below the APERTO lysis buffer is compared to three of the most popular cell lysis products. Lysates from two recombinant strains of E. coli expressing two different proteins are shown. U, K, and E are lysates obtained using popular lysis buffers, and A are the lysates obtained using the Aperto lysis buffer. The recombinant proteins are indicated by an arrow.

Aperto lysis buffer efficiency on difficult to extract proteins

One of the commercially available lysis buffers was more reliable than the others and was used in all subsequent comparisons. In the example shown below, lysates from BL21(DE3) cells expressing 6 different cloned genes were lysed using Aperto and a popular lysis buffer. The panel to the right shows total soluble protein and the panel to the left shows His-tag purified proteins from the same extracts. Heterologous proteins P1-P6 are described in the table below.