Teknova is committed to keeping our employees and their communities safe while we continue to support our many customers who are working diligently to develop solutions or provide testing for the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 



In response to the demand for products related to research, development, or detection of COVID-19, we have opened a dedicated channel to prioritize and expedite orders. For all reagent inquiries related to COVID-19, please contact covid19@teknova.com.  



Teknova has received inquiries from researchers and clinicians seeking cell culture media and molecular biology reagents for development or commercialization of COVID-19 detection kits or vaccines. We have the unique capability to provide these products with a short delivery time because of our standard ISO 13485:2016 manufacturing process. 


Molecular Biology Buffers

Since 1996, Teknova has been manufacturing custom and off-the-shelf molecular biology buffers for incorporation in research and clinical grade assays. Our Tris buffers, DNA Suspension buffers and research and clinical grade water are commonly used in kits for resuspension of oligo-based assays and controls. All buffers manufactured by Teknova are tested for sterility, conductivity, osmolality, and pH. Additional QC testing for endotoxins and presence of nucleases is available on request. 


Viral Transport Medium

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published a protocol for producing Viral Transport Medium (VTM/UTM). Viral Transport Medium is used for the transportation, maintenance, and long-term storage of clinical specimens containing viruses. Teknova can manufacture VTM and dispense to customer specifications. 


Vaccine and Drug Development

Teknova offers a wide variety of mobile phases for chromatography. Mobile phases are available for the purification and manufacture of DNA, RNA, antibodies, proteins, and small-molecules, and can be customized to your application and scale. We have an extensive selection of standard and specialty ready-to-use pre-poured agar plates and liquid culture media for the growth and maintenance of bacteria, yeast, algae, and animal cells. We also produce standard and custom buffers for the discovery, development, and purification of proteins. 



Our manufacturing and distribution teams remain fully operational. We have implemented measures to monitor and manage our supply chain to ensure there is no disruption in our ability to deliver your products at this crucial time. To date, we see no significant risks and will notify you of any change in circumstances.


We are closely following guidance from local and federal authorities, as well as national and global health organizations to ensure we minimize the risk of exposure to our associates and communities. Our risk reduction actions have included, but are not limited to: 


  • • Implementing social distancing practices for all onpremises associates 
  • • Developing a remote work policy to reduce the number of associates on-site
  • • Migrating all meetings to virtual meetings to reduce in-person exposure
  • • Eliminating on-site visits and associate travel to reduce external exposure 
  • • Modifying our personal leave policy to encourage associates to stay home when sick 


Through these efforts we are able to maintain all essential business operations while promoting the safety of our associates, our customers, and our communities. 

For more information or to place a priority order for COVID-19 related products