Nalidixic Acid, High Purity Grade. Broad spectrum antibiotic against Gram-negative bacteria and Gram-positive bacteria by inhibiting DNA synthesis.

Nalidixic Acid is a synthetic quinolone antibiotic used as a selection agent in molecular biology and cell culture.  Nalidixic acid cannot be used as a selection marker for several common strains of E. coli (including DH1, DH5alpha and JM109 strains). These strains have a mutation in the gyrA96 gene which provides a natural resistance against Nalidixic acid.

CAS # :  389-08-2


Nalidixic Acid, Pkg of 1, 50 g #N9299
Fill Weight: 50 g
Packaging Size: 1


Nalidixic Acid, Pkg of 1, 50 g #N9299

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Antibiotics Selection Nalidixic Acid
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