Gene therapy has the potential to improve the lives of people and families with genetic diseases, especially if there are no existing treatments or cures. Multiple strategies for gene therapy are being studied and tested. The delivery methods are based on viral or nonviral vectors to introduce genetic material directly into patients or into cells that will be transplanted into patients.

Modified adeno-associated virus (AAV), adenovirus, and lentivirus are commonly used vectors. However, current processes for steps in manufacturing these as gene therapy products are not standardized (Figure 1), which can make production expensive and time-consuming. To enable effective adoption of these novel therapies, scalable, cost-effective methods for viral vector production must be developed. Teknova partners with you to develop and optimize your gene therapy production media, buffers, and reagents.

AAV workflow for gene therapy
Figure 1. Schematic overview of viral vector–based gene therapy manufacturing.

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