Antifoam 204 is used to reduce foaming during fermentation and manipulation of cultured cells.

Antifoam 204 contains 100% active components and is a mixture of organic non-silicone polypropylene based polyether dispersions. It does not contain mineral oil. Antifoam 204 can itself be considered a surfactant, but it contains no other surfactants. This product is synthetic, and not derived from animal or plant sources. Antifoam 204 can be sterilized repeatedly. The flow properties of Antifoam 204 are such that it can be pumped to a fermentor on an as-needed basis.Our suppliers generally consider the exact composition to be proprietary.

MDL# MFCD00130523.


10% Antifoam 204

10% Antifoam 204, 440mL, Sterile #A6427
Fill Volume: 440 mL
Packaging Size: 1


10% Antifoam 204, 440mL, Sterile #A6427

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