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F1900-12   ~Friis Agar Plates. 60mm Plates, Sterile. 20 Plates per Sleeve, 12 Pack. Cat. No. F1900-12
P3875   0.01M PBS with 0.02% Tween-80. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat. No. P3875
T0020   0.02% Tween 20. 20mL, Sterile. Cat. No. T0020
P0120   0.04% Phenol Red Solution, 100ml, sterile Cat.No. P0120
S2707   0.1 N Sodium thiosulfate solution Na2S2O3. 1000mL, sterile Cat.No. S2707
S0180   0.1% SDS Solution. 20mL, Sterile. Cat. No. S0180
C1060   0.125% Coomassie Brilliant Blue Solution. 1000mL, Non-Sterile. Cat.No. C1060
C2440   0.1M Citric Acid Solution. 700mL, sterile Cat.No. C2440
E0600   0.1M EGTA. pH 8.0. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat. No. E0600
F1213-04   0.1M Formic Acid, pH 4.6, 2 Liters Non-Sterile Cat.No. F1213-04
G4530-20   0.1M Glycine Buffer, pH 3.0. 1000mL, Sterile. Endotoxin Tested. 20 Pack. Cat.No. G4530-20
G4527   0.1M Glycine, pH 2.7. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat. No. G4527
M2220   0.1M MES buffer, pH 4.5. 20mL, sterile Cat.No. M2220
N6565   0.1M Nickel Sulfate, 1000mL, sterile Cat.No. N6565
S1198   0.1M Sodium Acetate, 0.5M NaCl, pH 4.5. 500mL, Sterile solution Cat.No. S1198
S1199   0.1M Sodium Acetate, 0.5M Sodium Chloride, pH 4.5. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat.No. S1199
S8440-20   0.1M Sodium Citrate, pH 3.6. Endotoxin Tested. 1000mL, Sterile. 20 Pack.. Cat. No. S8440-20
S0231   0.1M Sodium Citrate, pH 5.0. 1000mL, Sterile Cat.No. S0231
T1015   0.1M Tris, 0.05% Triton X-100, and 0.2M NaCl, Ph 8.0. 1000ml, sterile Cat.No. T1015
T1010   0.1M Tris, 0.05% Triton X-100, and 0.2M NaCl. 1000ml, sterile Cat.No. T1010
T5025   0.1M Tris, 1.54M NaCl, 0.50% Tween 20, pH 8.0. 5 Liters Biotainer. Sterile. Cat. No. T5025
T5585-06   0.1M Tris-HCL, 0.5M NaCl, pH 8.5. 500ml, sterile solution. 6 Pack. Cat.No. T5585-06
N4702   0.1N Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), 1 Liter. Cat. No. N4702
2S8915   0.1N Sodium Hydroxide, 1M Sodium Chloride, 22L Bioprocess Bag Solution, Sterile. Cat. No. 2S8915
S1916-15   0.1N Sodium Thiosulfate, 2mL fill in a 250mL bottle, Sterile. 15 Pack. Cat. No. S1916-15
S5225   0.225% Saline Solution, Sterile. 500mL Cat. No. S5225
T0935   0.25M TAPS Buffer, pH 9.35. 200mL, Sterile. DNase/RNase Tested. Cat.No. T0935
A2012   0.2M Ammonium Bicarbonate Buffer Solution, pH 8.2. 1000ml Sterile Cat.No. A2012
N1300-06   0.33% Neutral Red Solution. 100 mL Sterile. 6 pack. Cat. No. N1300-06
B1032-06   0.4 mM Biotin, 50ml, sterile Cat.No. B1032-06
L1104   0.4% Chitin Agar Plates. 100mm, 20 Plates, Sterile Cat.No. L1104
S5045   0.45% Saline Solution, Sterile. 500mL Cat. No. S5045
H1575   0.5M HEPES, pH 7.5. 1000mL, Sterile Cat.No. H1575
H0560-06   0.5M Histidine-HCl. pH 6.0. 1 Liter Sterile . 6 pack. Cat. No. H0560-06
I3501   0.5M IPTG. 1mL per Tube, 50 Tubes per Rack, Sterile Cat. No. I3501
M2225   0.5M MES buffer, pH 6.1. 500mL, sterile Cat.No. M2225
P0425   0.5M PIPES, pH 6.8. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat.No. P0425
N4708   0.5M Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), 500mL. Cat. No. N4708
2S5115   0.5M Sodium Hydroxide. Endotoxin Tested. 20L Bioprocess Bag, Sterile. Cat. No. 2S5115
S0243   0.5M Sodium Phosphate Buffer with 50mM Tris, pH 6.5, 1 Liter Bottle. Sterile Cat.No. S0243
S1280   0.5M Sodium Phosphate Buffer with 50mM Tris, pH 8.0. 1000Ml, Sterile
S0217   0.5M Sodium Phosphate Monobasic. sterile Solution. 1000ml Cat.No. S0217
S0219   0.5M Sodium phosphates, dibasic. 1000mL, sterile solution Cat.No. S0219
T1568-06   0.5M Tris-HCl, pH 6.8. 1000ml, sterile. 6 Pack. Cat.No. T1568-06
A1796   0.8% LE Agarose with 0.1% neutral red. 100mL. Cat.No. A1796
A1797   0.8% LE Agarose with 1X TAE. 100mL. Cat.No. A1797
A1716   0.8% LE Agarose with Ethidium Bromide. 10-pack. Cat.No. A1716
S5835   0.85% Sterlie Saline Solution. 500ml Cat.No. S5835
S5821   0.9% Saline Solution, 10 Liter Cat.No. S5821
S5822   0.9% Saline Solution, 15 Liters Cat.No. S5822
S5824   0.9% Saline Solution, pH 4.0. 1000ml, sterile Cat.No. S5824
S5826   0.9% Saline Solution. 10 Liters, Sterile. Cat.No. S5826
S5815-06   0.9% Saline Solution. 1000 ml, Sterile. 6 pack. Cat.No. S5815-06
S5815   0.9% Saline Solution. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat.No. S5815
S5818   0.9% Saline Solution. 1000mL, Sterile. Endotoxin Tested Cat.No. S5818
S4041   0.9% Saline Solution. 10mL fill Cat.No. S4041
S5827   0.9% Saline Solution. 15L, Sterile Cat.No. S5827
S5832   0.9% Saline Solution. Endotoxin Tested. 4000ml, Sterile Cat.No. S5832
S0699-12   0.9% Sodium Chloride Solution. 100mL sterile. 12 Pack Cat.No. S0699-12
B0220   1 x BBS Solution. 500ml, sterile Cat.No. B0220
P0202   1 X PBS with 0.05% Sodium Azide, 2L, Sterile. Cat.No. P0202
T3328   1% Tetracycline Solution in 80% Ethanol, 2.5 ml, 50 pack. Cat. No. T3328
A1721   1.0% LE Agarose. 10-pack. Cat.No. A1721
R9657-05   1.04% RPMI-1640 w/ 3.454% MOPS, pH 7.0. 500mL, Sterile. 5 Pack Cat.No. R9657-05
A7781-06   1.5% Agar (Bottle), 250mL. 6 Pack. Cat.No. A7781-06
A1740-10   1.5% High Resolution Agarose. 100ml, 10 Pack Cat.No. A1740-10
P0355   1.5M Potassium Acetate, 2.1M Guanidine-HCl Solution, pH 4.2. 1000mL, Non-Sterile Cat.No. P0355
S2080   1.5M Sodium Acetate and 250mM EDTA Solution. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat.No. S2080
T1588   1.5M Tris-HCl, pH 8.8. 1000mL, Sterile. 1000mL, Sterile Cat.No. T1588
A1798   1.6% LE Agarose.100ml. Cat.No. A1798
A0328   1/2X Neutralization Buffer. 4 Liter, Sterile Cat.No. A0328
M1222-05   1:10 Marine Broth Agar Plates with Nystatin-10. 100mm. Sterile. 20 plates per sleeve, 5 pack Cat.No. M1222-05
H8173   10 HBS with 0.5% Tween-20, pH 7.3. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat.No. H1873
H2010   10 x Buffer A Solution. 100mM HEPES, pH 7.9, 100mM KCl, and 1mM EDTA. 1 liter, sterile solution. Cat.No. H2010
C4775   10 x Capillary Electrophoresis Buffer DNA Sequencing Grade Solution. 1000mL Cat.No. C4775
G3061-10   10 x Glycerol Loading Buffer Solution with Orange and Blue Dye. 20mL Serum Vials, 10 Pack Cat.No. G3061-10
M1081   10 x MOPS Buffer with EGTA Solution. 100 ml. Cat. No. M1081
M1085   10 x MOPS Buffer with EGTA Solution. 500 ml, Sterile. Cat. No. M1085
P0230   10 x PCR Buffer. 1000mL sterile solution. 1000ml Cat.No. P0230
P7100-10   10 x Potassium Phosphate Buffer Supplement. 100 mL, 10-Pack, Sterile Cat.No. P7100-10
T0210   10 x TBE DNA Sequencing Grade Solution. 4 Liters Cat.No. T0210
T9545   10 x TBS minus potassium chloride, pH 7.4. 1000ml, sterile Cat.No. T9545
T9535   10 x TBS. 150mM Tris, 27mM KCl, 1.37M NaCl, pH 7.6. 1000ml, sterile Cat.No. T9535
S0209   10% (w/v) Sodium Azide 100 mL. Cat. No. S0209
S1440   10% 5-Sulfosalicylic Acid, 4 liter solution. Cat.No. S1440
A6427   10% Antifoam 204. 440mL in 1 Liter PET Bottle, Sterile. Cat.No. A6427
A2011   10% Arabinose Solution. 100mL, Sterile. Cat.No. A2011
G0250   10% Glucose Solution 250mL, Sterile Cat.No. G0250
G1820-12   10% Glycerol in PBS. 100mL, Sterile. 12 Pack Cat. No. G1820-12
G1721   10% Glycerol Solution. 500mL, Sterile Cat.No. G1721
P4020-12   10% Potassium Phosphate Buffer pH 6.0 Sterile 1 Liter 12 pack. Cat. No. P4020-12
R0515   10% Raffinose Solution. 1000mL, Sterile Cat.No. R0515
R0500   10% Raffinose Solution. 100mL, Sterile. Cat.No. R0500
R0505   10% Raffinose Solution. 250ml Cat.No. R0505
R0510   10% Raffinose Solution. 500mL, sterile Cat.No. R0510
S5829   10% Saline Solution, 10ml Per Tube, 25 Per Pack, sterile Cat.No. S5829
S3377   10% Sarkosyl Solution. 1000mL Cat.No. S3377
S3376   10% Sarkosyl Solution. 500mL Cat.No. S3376
S0289   10% SDS Solution, 1000mL, Non-Sterile. Cat. No. S0289
S0184   10% SDS Solution, 4 Liters, Non-Sterile. Cat. No. S0184
S0287   10% SDS Solution. 250mL. Cat. No. S0287
S0288   10% SDS Solution. 500mL, Sterile. Cat. No. S0288
T1105   10% Triton X-100 Solution. 500mL. Sterile. Cat. No. T1105
T0710   10% Tween 20 solution. 100mL, Sterile. Cat. No. T0710
T0025   10% Tween 20 Solution. 200mL, Sterile. Cat. No. T0025
T0124-06   10% Tween 20. 1000mL, Sterile. 6 Pack. Cat. No. T0124-06
T0027   10% Tween 20. 200mL, DNase/RNase Tested, Sterile. Cat. No. T0027
A1214-10   100 mM ATP Solution, pH 7.5, 0.3mL per Vial. RNAse Free. Cat. No. A1214-10
P4030-06   100 mM Potassium Phosphate Buffer. pH 8.0 Sterile 1 Liter. 6 pack. Cat. No. P4030-06
A6426-10   100% Antifoam 204. 20mL in a 60cc Bottle, sterile, 10-pack. Cat.No. A6426-10
G1885-04   100% Glycerol Solution. Sterile, 50 Pack. 0.25mL per tube. 4 Pack. Cat. No. G1885-04
A1035   1000X Amino Acids Solution. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat. No. A1035
T1001   1000x Trace Metals Mixture. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat.No. T1001
E0096   100mg/mL Carbenicillin Solution in 50% Ethanol. 50mL, Sterile. Cat. No. E0096
C2131   100mg/mL Carbenicillin Solution. 10mL Tubes, 25-Pack, Sterile. Cat.No. C2131
C8001   100mg/mL Carbenicillin Solution. 1mL per tube. 50 tubes per rack, sterile Cat.No. C8001
C2199   100mg/mL Carbenicillin Solution. 50mL, Sterile Cat.No. C2199
S8001   100mg/mL Spectinomycin Solution, 1mL per tube. 50 tubes per rack, sterile Cat.No. S8001
A1204-06   100mM ATP Solution, pH 7.5, 0.3mL per Vial. 6 Pack Cat.No. A1204
A1210   100mM ATP, pH 7.5. 100mL, Sterile Cat.No. A1210
G1505   100mM Glycine Buffer, pH 3.2. 250mL, Sterile Cat. No. G1505
H1010   100mM HEPES, pH 7.0. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat.No. H1010
P4000-06   100mM Potassium Phosphate Buffer, pH 4.5. 500 mL, 6 Pack. Cat. No. P4000-06
S7400   100mM Sodium Borate Solution, pH 8.4. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat. No. S7400
P2092   100mM Sodium Phosphate Buffer, pH 6.8. 2L, Sterile. Cat. No. P2092
S0214   100mM Sodium Phosphate Buffer, pH 8.5. 250ml, sterile Cat.No. S0214
S0216   100mM Sodium Phosphate with EDTA, pH 7.4 Solution. 1000ml Cat.No. S0216
S2216   100mM Sodium Phosphate with EDTA, Tween-20, pH 7.4. 1000mL, Sterile Cat.No. S2216
S0230   100mM Sodium Phosphate, 0.5M Sodium Chloride Solution, pH 6.9, 1000mL, Sterile. Cat.No. S0230
T0680-06   100mM Tris with 0.005% Tween 80. 1000mL, Sterile.(6 Bottles). Cat. No. T0680-06
T1189   100mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.2. 1000mL, Sterile Cat. No. T1189
T1182-06   100mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.2. 500mL, Sterile Cat. No. T1182-06
A1005-12   100X Amino Acids, Sterile. 100mL. 12 Pack. Cat.No. A1005-12
A1007   100X Amino Acids. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat. No. A1007
D3010-06   100X Denhardt Solution. 50mL. Sterile. 6 Pack. Cat.No. D3010-06
G0565   100X Glucose, Glycerol, IPTG Induction Supplement, Sterile. 1000mL Cat.No. G0565
G0560   100X Glucose, Glycerol, IPTG Induction Supplement, Sterile. 100mL Cat.No. G0560
G0575   100X Glucose, Glycerol, Lactose Induction Supplement, Sterile. 1000mL Cat.No. G0575
G0570   100X Glucose, Glycerol, Lactose Induction Supplement, Sterile. 100mL Cat.No. G0570
T0236   100X TE Buffer, pH 8.0. 4 Liters, sterile Cat.No. T0236
T0237   100X TE Buffer, pH 8.0. 4L, Sterile, DNase/RNase Tested, PCR Grade. Cat.No. T0237
V1015-12   100X Vitamins Stock I. 100mL, Sterile. 12 Pack. Cat. No. V1015-12
B8510-12   10mg/mL BSA Solution. 30mL, Sterile. 12 Pack Cat. No. B8510-12
3L2510   10mg/mL Lysozyme. 1mL, Sterile. Cat.No. 3L2510
P2050   10mg/mL Proteinase K Solution. 1mL Tube, Sterile. 50 Pack. Cat.No. P2050
T3326   10mg/mL Tetracycline in 80% Ethanol, 500mL, Sterile. Cat.No. T3326
G3625-10   10mg/ml. Gentamycin Solution, 25mL in 60cc Bottle. 10 Pack Cat. No. G3625-10
A0220   10mM ATP Solution, pH 7.0. 10mL in 60mL Bottle, Sterile. Cat.No. A0220
A1205-06   10mM ATP Solution, pH 7.0. RNAse/DNAse Tested. 1mL Tubes, Sterile, 6-pack. Cat.No. A1205-06
M3013-04   10mM Magnesium Sulfate. 500mL, Sterile. 4 Pack. Cat. No. M3013-04
S8482   10mM Sodium Actetate, 0.9% Saline, pH 4.0. 1000mL, sterile Cat.No. S8482
T1699   10mM Tris Buffer with 4% Sucrose and 2mM MgCl2. 500ml, sterile Cat.No. T1699
T1699-06   10mM Tris Buffer with 4% Sucrose and 2mM MgCl2. 500ml, sterile. 6 Pack. Cat.No. T1699-06
T1060   10mM Tris-Acetate Buffer, pH 8.0 with 1mM EDTA. 1000ml, sterile Cat.No. T1060
T1485   10mM Tris-HCl with 0.05% Tween 20, pH 8.0. 250mL. Sterile. Cat. No. T1485
T7724   10mM Tris-HCl with 0.1% Tween 20, pH 8.5. 1mL per Tube. 50 Tubes per Pack. Cat. No. T7724
T9872   10mM Tris-HCL, 0.1mM EDTA Ph 8.8. 1000ml, sterile Cat.No. T9872
T9870   10mM Tris-HCL, 0.5mM EDTA Ph 8.2, 0.2um. 1000ml, sterile Cat.No. T9870
T1180   10mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.0. 2mL per Tube, 100 Tubes per Pack, Sterile. Cat.No. T1180
T1173   10mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.0. 1000mL,, Sterile Cat.No. T1173
T1174   10mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.0. 4L, Non-sterile Cat.No. T1174
T1275-06   10mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.5. 1000 mL, Sterile. Cat. No. T1275-06
T1062-06   10mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.5. 250mL, Sterile Cat. No. T1062-06
N4710   10N Sodium Hydroxide. 1000mL, Non-Sterile. Cat. No. N4710
M2033   10X ACGU Solution minus Uracil. 1000ml, sterile Cat.No. M2033
M2103   10X ACGU Solution. 100mL, Sterile. Cat.No. M2103
B1513   10X Bold's Basal Medium, Sterile. 1000mL Cat.No. B1513
B0230   10X Borate Saline Buffer with 100mM Boric Acid, 1.5M NaCl, pH 8.3. 1000mL, sterile Cat.No. B0230
C4776   10X Capillary Electrophoresis Buffer DNA Sequencing Grade Solution. 4L Cat.No. C4776
C4771   10X Capillary Electrophoresis Buffer. DNA Sequencing Grade. 125mL, Non-Sterile Cat.No. C4771
C0813   10X Chalkley's Medium, Sterile. 1000mL Cat.No. C0813
D1812   10X Denaturing Solution. 1000ml. Non-Sterile. Cat. No. D1812
D1209   10X Detection Buffer. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat.No. D1209
P0295   10X DPBS Concentrate without Calcium and Magnesium Salts. pH 7.4. 1000mL, Non sterile Cat.No. P0295
P0297   10X DPBS Tween 20, pH 7.4. 1000mL. Non-sterile. Cat. No. P0297
P1047   10X DPBS with Ca, Mg. Sterile. 2 Liter Kit. Cat. No. P1047
F3062   10X Ficoll Loading Buffer. 20mL Cat.No. F3062
G3062-10   10X Glycerol Loading Buffer without Xylene Cyanol. 20mL, Non-Sterile. 10 Pack Cat.No. G3062-10
H8060-20   10X HBSS with 0.5% Tween-20, 1000 mL. Sterile. 20 Pack. Cat. No. H8060-20
H1206-12   10x Hogness Freezing Media, 100mL Sterile. 12 Pack Cat. No. H1206-12
L7000-10   10X LPA Buffer. 10mL, sterile. 10 Pack Cat.No. L7000-10
M1289-04   10X M9 Minimal Salts Modified Agar Plates. 100mm, 20 plates/sleeve, sterile Cat.No. M1289-04
M2101   10X MOPS Buffer for EZ Rich Defined Medium Kit Solution. 100mL, Sterile. Density 1051.5g/L. Cat.No. M2101
M2120   10X MOPS Buffer minus Ammonium Chloride. 100mL, sterile solution Cat.No. M2120
M2111-02   10X MOPS Buffer minus Iron Sulfate. 100mL. 2 pack Cat.No. M2111-02
M2137-06   10X MOPS Buffer with Sodium Sulfate without Potassium and Sodium Chloride. 100mL, Sterile. 6 pack Cat.No. M2137-06
M1095   10X MOPS Buffer. 1000mL. sterile Cat. No. M1095
N1203   10X NZY Broth, 1000mL, sterile Cat.No. N1203
P0401   10X PBS (Dehydrated) 1L Pouches, 5-pack. Cat. No. P0401
P0186   10X PBS Solution, pH 6.0. 1000 mL, Sterile. Cat. No. P0186
P0496   10X PBS Solution, pH 7.4. 4L, non-sterile Cat.No. P0496
P0224   10X PBS Solution. 1000mL Autoclavable Bottle, sterile. Cat.No. P0224
P0194-24   10X PBS Solution. 1000mL, Endotoxin Tested, Sterile. 24 Pack. Cat. No. P0194-24
P0195   10X PBS Solution. 1000ml, sterile Cat.No. P0195
P0185   10X PBS Solution. 1000ml, sterile pH 6.5 at 1X Cat.No. P0185
P0495   10X PBS Solution. 4L, Non-sterile Cat.No. P0495

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