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Westerns are also known as western blots or immunoblotting, is a technique to detect protein expression for a given sample or cell extract via antigen-antibody interactions. Proteins are first separated using gel electrophoresis, then transferred to a nitrocellulose or PVDF membrane to be stained with antibodies to the target proteins.

There are many methods of western blots including the tank, semi-dry and dry formats. The efficiency of the particular method will need to be experimentally determined and will depend on the nature of the protein as well as the particular form of electrophoresis used to separate the protein (for example Native vs. SDS-PAGE).

The name western blot was given to extend the naming convention based on Southern blots. Southern blotting involved the hybridization of DNA to a membrane with subsequent detection of DNA. Northerns blots were named for the hybridization and detection of RNA. The Southern blot method was the original technique and was named for Edwin Southern.

Related techniques include the detection of proteins by antibodies in tissues (immunohistochemistry, IHC) or in a plate format (ELISA or Immunoassay).

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0.1M Glycine Buffer, pH 3.0. 1000mL, Sterile. Endotoxin Tested. 20 Pack. Cat.No. G4530-20

Our Price: $918.84
0.1M Glycine, pH 2.7. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat. No. G4527

Our Price: $29.69
100mM Glycine Buffer, pH 3.2. 250mL, Sterile Cat. No. G1505

Our Price: $26.01
100X Denhardt Solution. 50mL. Sterile. 6 Pack. Cat.No. D3010-06

Our Price: $366.00
10X Denaturing Solution. 1000ml. Non-Sterile. Cat. No. D1812

Our Price: $53.05
10X Detection Buffer. 1000mL, Sterile. Cat.No. D1209

Our Price: $64.66
10X Wash Buffer, Sterile, 1000mL. Cat. No. W1215

Our Price: $129.74
10X Washing Buffer, pH 7.5. 1000mL, Sterile Cat.No. W1718

Our Price: $84.54
1M Glycine, pH 3.0. 1000mL, Sterile. Endotoxin Tested. 20 Pack. Cat. No. G7330-20

Our Price: $753.98
250mM Glycine Solution, pH 5.0. 1000mL, Sterile Cat. No. G2550

Our Price: $29.69
5X Washing Buffer, pH 7.4. 1000mL, Sterile Cat.No. W3757

Our Price: $40.08
Denaturation Solution for Southern Hybridization. 4000ml. Cat.No. D1269

Our Price: $107.71
Denaturing Solution I. 1000ml.8/1823/IIorIIIL Cat.No. D1715

Our Price: $73.87
Destain I 45% Methanol, 9% Acetic Acid. 1000mL, sterile Cat.No. D0010

Our Price: $62.70
Destain II 5% Methanol, 7% Acetic Acid. 1000mL, sterile Cat.No. D0020

Our Price: $42.94
Electroblot Buffer (25mM Tris, 192 MM Glycine, 20% Methanol), 1000ml. Cat.No. E0080

Our Price: $42.94
Gel Drying Solution. Sterile, 1000ml. 3/1170/IIL Cat.No. G3099

Our Price: $90.02
Glycine Buffer, pH 3.2, 1000mL,Sterile Cat.No. G4510

Our Price: $29.69
Transfer Buffer. 1000ml, sterile solution Cat.No. T0195

Our Price: $154.72

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