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Unique Packaging

The irradiated Teknova tube ships plates in packs of 20 and ensures that the product arrives with NO breakage or contamination. When price comparing, be sure to note Teknova’s price is for 20 plates. Our customers love the extended shelf life

View instructions on proper use of The Teknova Tube

Plate Formats - All of our plates are available in the following formats

100mm Round
Our most popular size. Appropriate for most plating applications. Plates are normally 100mm, useable surface area is approx. 78.5 cm2. Standard fill volume is 25mL.
150 mm Round
Appropriate for most plating applications. Larger surface is convenient for plating and screening libraries. Useable surface area is approx. 176.6 cm2. Standard fill voume is 75mL.
245 x 245 mm Vented QTray Bioassay Tray
Appropriate for use in both manual and robotic applications. Useable surface area is approx. 500 cm2. Standard fill volume is 250mL.

100 x 100 mm Square
Appropriate for use both manual and robotic applications. Surface area is approx. 100 cm2. Standard fill voume is 35mL.
60 mm Round & 60 mm Contact
Otherwise known as Contact Plates or Rodac Plates® The plates offer grids on the inside of dish, excellent stackabillity, and convex dish shape for better contact between agar bed and surface tested. Standard fill volume is 11mL for round plates and contact plates.
86 x 128 mm Omnitray
Appropriate for use in robotic applications. Surface area is approximately 110.1 cm2. Standard fill volume is 50mL..

8-Well Dish
Appropriate for use both manual and robotic applications. Total well volume is 14mL, working well volume and standard fill volume is 6mL.

We also carry Quad, Bi-Plates, and Falcon plating options.

Liquid Container Options

Teknova manufactures standard and custom liquid reagents. Typical batch volumes range from 1 liter to 500 liters. ACS, reagent, and ultra pure grades of chemicals are used in the manufacture of all products. Sterile products are packaged in class 10,000 laminar flow hoods. Column chromatography for product purification is available to a scale of 48 liters media.


Sterile screwcap microtubes are used to package 0-2000µL of liquid reagents. Typical applications include single use PCR reagents and kit components. A variety of tube configurations are available including skirted, conical and microfuge tubes. Microtubes are typically filled with repeating pipetters for low precision applications and single dispense pipetters for precision >1%.

PETG Media Bottles

Sterile PETG media bottles are ideal for the packaging of sensitive media products. Square in shape and transparent, they are attractive and easy to handle. Available in sizes ranging from 30mls to 10 liters. Bottles are either precision filled by weight or to graduations.

HDPE/Glass Bottles

A variety of non sterile bottles are available for product packaging. Precision of fill is specified by customer. Glass bottles are precleaned or V&I. Plastic bottles include HDPE, HDPP, PETG, and Polycarbonate.


PC with Silicone Laminate Lined Closure, sterile, ready-to-use containers are molded in blue-tinted polycarbonate, providing safe storage from -85°C to near boiling. Closures feature a silicone rubber cap liner. All sizes have printed graduations in mL. All have space-saving square shape and ribbed hand-grips (except 125ml). Meet USP 87, 88 and are tested for pyrogenicity.

Other liquid media options include: Cubitainers (4L, 10L, and 20L), Culture tubes, Slant tubes, Cryotubes

Powder Container Options

Powders can be weighed and dispensed under sterile and non-sterile conditions. Powders can be packaged in a variety of bottles and pouches.


Pre–measured media in a soluble pouch. Geared for the researcher that cannot purchase ready – made products. The product competes with granulated or capsule media holding up to the equivalent of 20 liters per pouch, just add water and stir. For product information visit our TEKGRO® page

Other powder container options include; Foil pouches, Bottles, Drums


Our single-use sterile bags are the highest quality bags available on the market today with a triple layer of resin to ensure ultimate barrier protection and eliminate any chance of leakage. Bags are suitable for sterile liquid volumes when a disposable media bottle would be impractical. Sterile single-use bags reduce waste cost compared to use of plastic bottles and provide a convenient alternative for large volume liquids. Dispensing is easy and the optimal method to prevent contamination for a completely closed system. Male and female (quick-connect) connections are standard and offer no-fuss installation. We keep 20 Liter bags standard on hand. We can custom fill any sterile liquid or media in bag sizes up to 200 Liters. For more information on our single-use bag capabilities, please contact our Quotes Team at:
view our literature piece on single use bag media

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